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Type of value supplied to MySqlParameter.Value isn’t supported


If MySqlParameter.Value is assigned an object of an unsupported type, executing a MySqlCommand with that parameter will throw a NotSupportedException: “Parameter type X is not supported.”

This happens because MySqlConnector doesn’t know how the object should be serialized to bytes and sent to the MySQL Server. Calling ToString() on the object as a fallback is dangerous, as many ToString() implementations are culture-sensitive. Calling ToString() on unknown types can result in hard-to-debug data corruption issues when culture-sensitive conversions are performed.

Additionally, since MySQL Server doesn’t have built-in support for this particular .NET type, it will have to be retrieved as a string or byte[], and the application will be responsible for converting that back to the original type. It doesn’t make sense for the conversion to string to occur in MySqlConnector, but the conversion from string back to the original type to exist in the application; the bidirectional conversion logic should exist in one place.


Convert your object to one of the supported types from the list below.

In some cases, this may be as simple as calling .ToString() or .ToString(CultureInfo.InvariantCulture).

Supported Types