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Using Load Data Local Infile


MySQL Server supports a LOAD DATA command that can bulk load data from a CSV or TSV file. This normally loads data from a file on the server, but it can load from a file on the client by using the LOAD DATA LOCAL statement, or by setting MySqlBulkLoader.Local = true.


If you do this, you may receive one of the following errors:


LOAD DATA LOCAL INFILE is disabled by default because it poses a security risk. A malicious server or proxy could send a fake “local infile request” packet to the client and read any file that the client has permission to open.

For more information, see the MySQL documentation.

How to Fix

To allow LOAD DATA LOCAL INFILE to succeed, you must set AllowLoadLocalInfile=true in the client’s connection string.

If you use MySqlBulkLoader and set Local=true, then everything should work by default.

If you are manually creating a LOAD DATA LOCAL INFILE statement, you must be connected to a trusted server. This requires specifying SslMode=VerifyCA or SslMode=VerifyFull in the connection string. Alternatively, rewrite the code to use MySqlBulkLoader.