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MySqlDataSourceBuilder class

MySqlDataSourceBuilder provides an API for configuring and creating a MySqlDataSource, from which MySqlConnection objects can be obtained.

public sealed class MySqlDataSourceBuilder

Public Members

MySqlDataSourceBuilder(…)Initializes a new MySqlDataSourceBuilder with the specified connection string.
ConnectionStringBuilder { get; }A MySqlConnectionStringBuilder that can be used to configure the connection string on this MySqlDataSourceBuilder.
Build()Builds a MySqlDataSource which is ready for use.
UseClientCertificatesCallback(…)Sets the callback used to provide client certificates for connecting to a server.
UseLoggerFactory(…)Sets the ILoggerFactory that will be used for logging.
UseName(…)Sets the name of the MySqlDataSource that will be created.
UsePeriodicPasswordProvider(…)Configures a periodic password provider, which is automatically called by the data source at some regular interval. This is the recommended way to fetch a rotating access token.
UseRemoteCertificateValidationCallback(…)Sets the callback used to verify that the server’s certificate is valid.

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