MySqlConnectorFactory class

An implementation of DbProviderFactory that creates MySqlConnector objects.

public sealed class MySqlConnectorFactory : DbProviderFactory

Public Members

static readonly InstanceProvides an instance of DbProviderFactory that can create MySqlConnector objects.
CanCreateBatch { get; }Returns true.
override CanCreateCommandBuilder { get; }Returns true.
override CanCreateDataAdapter { get; }Returns true.
override CanCreateDataSourceEnumerator { get; }Returns false.
CreateBatch()Creates a new MySqlBatch object.
CreateBatchCommand()Creates a new MySqlBatchCommand object.
override CreateCommand()Creates a new MySqlCommand object.
override CreateCommandBuilder()Creates a new MySqlCommandBuilder object.
override CreateConnection()Creates a new MySqlConnection object.
override CreateConnectionStringBuilder()Creates a new MySqlConnectionStringBuilder object.
override CreateDataAdapter()Creates a new MySqlDataAdapter object.
override CreateParameter()Creates a new MySqlParameter object.

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