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MySqlCommand class

MySqlCommand represents a SQL statement or stored procedure name to execute against a MySQL database.

public sealed class MySqlCommand : DbCommand, ICloneable

Public Members

MySqlCommand()Initializes a new instance of the MySqlCommand class.
MySqlCommand(…)Initializes a new instance of the MySqlCommand class, setting CommandText to commandText. (4 constructors)
Attributes { get; }The collection of MySqlAttribute objects for this command.
override CommandText { get; set; }Gets or sets the command text to execute.
override CommandTimeout { get; set; }
override CommandType { get; set; }
Connection { get; set; }
override DesignTimeVisible { get; set; }
IsPrepared { get; }
LastInsertedId { get; }Holds the first automatically-generated ID for a value inserted in an AUTO_INCREMENT column in the last statement.
Parameters { get; }The collection of MySqlParameter objects for this command.
Transaction { get; set; }
override UpdatedRowSource { get; set; }
override Cancel()
override DisposeAsync()
override ExecuteNonQuery()Executes this command on the associated MySqlConnection.
override ExecuteNonQueryAsync(…)Executes this command asynchronously on the associated MySqlConnection.
ExecuteReaderAsync(…)(2 methods)
override ExecuteScalar()
override ExecuteScalarAsync(…)
override Prepare()
override PrepareAsync(…)

Protected Members

override DbConnection { get; set; }
override DbParameterCollection { get; }
override DbTransaction { get; set; }
override CreateDbParameter()
override Dispose(…)
override ExecuteDbDataReader(…)
override ExecuteDbDataReaderAsync(…)

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