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MySqlConnector namespace

public typedescription
class MySqlAttributeMySqlAttribute represents an attribute that can be sent with a MySQL query.
class MySqlAttributeCollectionMySqlAttributeCollection represents a collection of query attributes that can be added to a MySqlCommand.
class MySqlBatchMySqlBatch implements the new ADO.NET batching API. It is currently experimental and may change in the future.
class MySqlBatchCommand
class MySqlBatchCommandCollection
class MySqlBulkCopyMySqlBulkCopy lets you efficiently load a MySQL Server table with data from another source. It is similar to the SqlBulkCopy class for SQL Server.
class MySqlBulkCopyColumnMappingUse MySqlBulkCopyColumnMapping to specify how to map columns in the source data to columns in the destination table when using MySqlBulkCopy.
class MySqlBulkCopyResultRepresents the result of a MySqlBulkCopy operation.
class MySqlBulkLoaderMySqlBulkLoader lets you efficiently load a MySQL Server Table with data from a CSV or TSV file or Stream.
enum MySqlBulkLoaderConflictOption
enum MySqlBulkLoaderPriority
enum MySqlCertificateStoreLocation
class MySqlCommandMySqlCommand represents a SQL statement or stored procedure name to execute against a MySQL database.
class MySqlCommandBuilder
class MySqlConnectionMySqlConnection represents a connection to a MySQL database.
enum MySqlConnectionProtocolSpecifies the type of connection to make to the server.
class MySqlConnectionStringBuilderMySqlConnectionStringBuilder allows you to construct a MySQL connection string by setting properties on the builder then reading the ConnectionString property.
class MySqlConnectorFactoryAn implementation of DbProviderFactory that creates MySqlConnector objects.
class MySqlConversionExceptionMySqlConversionException is thrown when a MySQL value can’t be converted to another type.
class MySqlDataAdapter
class MySqlDataReader
class MySqlDataSourceMySqlDataSource implements a MySQL data source which can be used to obtain open connections.
class MySqlDataSourceBuilderMySqlDataSourceBuilder provides an API for configuring and creating a MySqlDataSource, from which MySqlConnection objects can be obtained.
struct MySqlDateTimeRepresents a MySQL date/time value. This type can be used to store DATETIME values such as 0000-00-00 that can be stored in MySQL (when AllowZeroDateTime is true) but can’t be stored in a DateTime value.
enum MySqlDateTimeKindThe DateTimeKind used when reading DateTime from the database.
class MySqlDbColumn
enum MySqlDbType
struct MySqlDecimalMySqlDecimal represents a MySQL DECIMAL value that is too large to fit in a .NET Decimal.
class MySqlEndOfStreamException
class MySqlErrorMySqlError represents an error or warning that occurred during the execution of a SQL statement.
enum MySqlErrorCodeMySQL Server error codes. Taken from Server Error Codes and Messages.
class MySqlExceptionMySqlException is thrown when MySQL Server returns an error code, or there is a communication error with the server.
class MySqlGeometryRepresents MySQL’s internal GEOMETRY format:
enum MySqlGuidFormatDetermines which column type (if any) should be read as a System.Guid.
class MySqlHelper
class MySqlInfoMessageEventArgsMySqlInfoMessageEventArgs contains the data supplied to the MySqlInfoMessageEventHandler event handler.
delegate MySqlInfoMessageEventHandlerDefines the event handler for InfoMessage.
enum MySqlLoadBalance
class MySqlParameter
class MySqlParameterCollection
class MySqlProtocolExceptionMySqlProtocolException is thrown when there is an internal protocol error communicating with MySQL Server.
class MySqlProvidePasswordContextProvides context for the ProvidePasswordCallback delegate.
class MySqlRowsCopiedEventArgs
delegate MySqlRowsCopiedEventHandlerRepresents the method that handles the MySqlRowsCopied event of a MySqlBulkCopy.
class MySqlRowUpdatedEventArgs
delegate MySqlRowUpdatedEventHandler
class MySqlRowUpdatingEventArgs
delegate MySqlRowUpdatingEventHandler
enum MySqlServerRedirectionModeServer redirection configuration.
enum MySqlSslModeSSL connection options.
class MySqlTransactionMySqlTransaction represents an in-progress transaction on a MySQL Server.